Polish Cuisine Tasting

Polish traditional cuisine has evolved over the centuries, taking some elements from the culinary traditions of many different ethnic groups that used to live here, especially Jews, Ukrainians, Russians and Lithuanians. Typical meals contain a lot of meat, but taste delicious!

Our private guide can take you to the restaurant full of aroma of Polish herbs, with friendly people and delicious food. During aperitif you will be able to taste a glass of traditional nalewka, an alcoholic beverage similar to medical tincture. Then each participant can try cold snacks like steak tartare, herring in oil and cream, lard and pickled cucumbers. After this short warm – up, on the table beetroot soup with small dumplings and sour soup with egg and sausage will appear. Please do not worry, portions will be small, just perfect for tasting. After the soup it is high time for the main dish: pork breaded cutlet with cabbage and potatoes, some dumplings with meat and with cabbage and mushrooms. You cannot miss the typical Polish dessert – pancakes with apples.

We organize such events for groups on special request.

Price depends on number of people.

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