Guided Tour to Gdansk

Gdansk is truly one of the most interesting and unique cities in Poland. Its long and complicated history has started approx. 1000 years ago when it was founded by Mieszko I, a Polish duke. Since that time, it has changed hands many times.
Finally, after World War II it became Polish city again.
Majority of Old Town was destroyed in 1945 during the bombardment. Thank to the great dedication and hard work, the city was successfully rebuilt.
Dluga Street, the main street of Gdansk, will take you to the waterfront along the Motlawa River. On the way you will meet some popular symbols of Gdansk like The Fountain of Neptune, High Gate, Golden Gate and Green Gate. In the short distance you will also see the biggest medieval brick-built church in Europe – St. Mary’s Church and many more. Let us take you to the journey back in time and book one day tour from Warsaw to Gdansk.

We organize full day tours by train from Warsaw to Gdansk and private guided tour on the spot.

Tour schedule:

  1. hotel pick up in the morning – exact time depends on train schedule,
  2. receiving 2nd class return train tickets,
  3. 3,5h journey to Gdansk,
  4. meeting local guided after arriving in Gdansk,
  5. 3hours walking tour around Old Town

You will see:

  • one of the most impressive Old Town in Poland with charming meticulous tenement houses rebuilt after the war,
  • High Gate – former main entrance gate to the city, the Royal Route of Gdansk starts here,
  • the Prison Tower and Torture Chamber – old part of the fortification walls,
  • Golden Gate – historic Renaissance city gate,
  • St. Mary’s Church – probably the biggest brick-built church in Europe with figure of the Virgin Mary and Child and the Astronomical Clock from 15th century.
  • Motlawa river and the Crane – one of the most characteristic points of the whole city, full of cozy restaurants and souvenirs shops,
  • The Fountain of Neptune – the most famous fountain in Gdansk located on Dlugi Targ street,
  • Green Gate – one of the city’s most known tourist attractions, situated between Dlugi Targ and the River Motława.
  • Artus Court – one of the most representative monuments on the Royal Route, its name was taken from the very popular medieval legend of King Arthur. time, perfect for lunch or lonely walk (exact length depends on rain schedule, probably 4 hours)
7.walking to the train station on your own,
8.3,5 hours journey back by train from Gdansk to Warsaw
9.meeting the driver at the train platform in Warsaw,
10.hotel drop off.

Our tour lasts approx. 15 hours.

Price offer:

  • 750 PLN per person (1 person)
  • 550 PLN per person (2 persons)
  • 470 PLN per person (3 persons)
  • 430 PLN per person (4 persons)
  • Contact us (5 persons or more)

Prices include:

  • hotel pick up,
  • transfer to the train station,
  • return 2nd class fast train tickets,
  • 3 hours private guided tour of Gdansk,
  • some free time

*for our package you can also add following supplements:

60 PLN per person for 1st class ECONOMIC standard fast train tickets (TLK or IC) both ways
120 PLN per person for 2nd class PREMIUM standard fast train tickets (EIP) both ways
220 PLN per person for 1st class PREMIUM standard fast train tickets (EIP) both ways

We are able to organize this tour in following languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and others

*some languages are subject to availability and prices may vary

Dependly on your needs, we can also organize extended version of Gdansk City tour to show you more interesting places. In this case, you will have less free time and total cost will be different.

We recommend visiting:

  • Oliwa Cathedral
  • Museum of World War 2
  • Monument to Post Office Defenders
  • Westerplatte Memorial and Museum
  • Monument to Fallen Shipyard Workers at Solidarnosc Square
  • Sopot – fancy sea resort located right next to Gdansk (part of TriCity) with famous wooden pier, sandy beach, Monte Cassino street and Forest Opera

For more details, please contact us directly.

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