Majdanek & Lublin Tour

Majdanek concentration camp was established by Germans in occupied Poland in the outskirts of Lublin city in 1941. Its initial purpose was to keep Russian Soviet war prisoners but later it was transformed into death camp. It is estimated that near 360 000 people were murdered here between 1941 – 1944. It was the first major German concentration camp liberated by Allied forces in July 1944. Thanks to rapid evacuation of Germans right before the liberation, Majdanek became the best preserved camp of Holocaust.

We offer you private tour to Majdanek from Warsaw with private English-speaking driver and private local English-speaking guide inside Majdanek Museum. Sightseeing inside the camp lasts up to 2,5 hours. Afterwards we will take you to the centre of Lublin so you can admire its beautiful Old Town with historic houses round the Main Market Square. You will have some free time here.

Tour lasts up to 10 hours

*Museum is closed on Mondays


  • 1100 PLN per person (1 person)
  • 550 PLN per person (2 persons)
  • 370 PLN per person (3 persons)
  • 330 PLN per person (4 persons)
  • 270 PLN per person (5 persons)
  • 230 PLN per person (6 persons)
  • Contact us (7 persons or more)

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